What to Expect

For the initial appointment the doctor will take 60-75 minutes to conduct a thorough medical history and appropriate exam.  Further laboratory testing may be necessary to properly understand the health issues.  There are a variety of treatment options available ranging from dietary changes, botanical/herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine.  Typically, a patient's progress will be monitored through follow up appointments until the issue is resolved.  Once the preliminary health issues are addressed, patients often chose to work toward optimal health with their doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick up refills of the products my doctor prescribed me?

We will be glad to refill your prescription as per the Doctor's recommendations. If possible, please bring in your prescription card or treatment plan for any refills.  A follow up visit may be necessary to refill certain prescriptions if there has been a number of months since your last appointment. A follow up visit is necessary for any refill where more than 12 months has passed since your last appointment.

What if I have a question about my treatment plan in between appointments?

You may contact our office by telephone if you need to clarify your treatment plan.

How do I go about booking a follow up appointment?

Based on the recommendation from your doctor we can schedule your next appointment at the end of your office visit. This will allow you to secure a convenient time and avoid waiting. However, you are welcome to call our office anytime to schedule an appointment.

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