Restoring and optimizing one's health is the number goal at the Centre for Natural Medicine.  Everyone knows that drinking healthy water and eating nutritious food is integral to obtaining this goal.  What is often overlooked is the quality of the air we breathe.   

We take your health, and the health of our team at the Centre for Natural Medicine, very seriously. As such, we are delighted to introduce a novel technology for improving the air quality at our clinic.  

The state of the art Reme Halo technology has been extensively studied for efficacy at eliminating 99+% of viruses and bacteria.  H1N1, Avian influenza, TB, Salmonella, Strep (group A strep and S. Pneumoniae) have all been tested.  In addition, hospital and indoor environments where people are in close proximity are prone to other infections, such as Legionella, C-diff and MRSA.  These microbes are also susceptible to this technology.  Chemical compounds and odors are more rapidly eliminated.  90+% of mold and yeast are eliminated as well.  The major difference between this technology and other available air purifiers, is the immediate, real time reduction in microbes.  Advanced air treatment technology is circulating 24/7/365 to inactivate 99.9% of covid-19 virus in the air and on surfaces at the Centre for Natural Medicine. 

The REME-Halo air purification system uses no chemicals or harmful substances and works by producing and maintaining similar concentrations of hydrogen peroxide molecules, as those found in the outdoor air.  When coming into contact with microbials, the naturally occurring molecules break them down, destroy them and then revert them back to harmless water vapour and oxygen. The air purification technology produces 1 quadrillion of these molecules every second, quickly killing any airborne virus or bacteria.  

The main advantage…

REME HALO does not need the pollutants to travel to the air handler for UV treatment or filtration.  REME HALO is proactive and sends ionized aggressive advanced oxidizers into the room to destroy the pollutants at the source, in the air and on surfaces, before they can reach patients or employees.

 Learn more here: safe haven air technologies

Dr. Dean Schrader ND will be speaking at the Fibromyalgia Support Group of Winnipeg on Tuesday, March 2, 2020. A discussion on naturopathic approach for treating fibromyalgia including Bowen Therapy,

For more information contact [email protected]  

Dr. Suzanne Danner ND and Dr. Gordon Sims ND, LAc attended The Institute For Functional Medicine annual conference May 30June 1 , 2019

Meet Dr. Amy Kroeker ND at Women’s Wellness Event. 

Topic: Mental Mayhem to Magnificence
Date: Monday April 8, 2019  6:30pm-9:00pm  
For more information and to RSVP call Nicole at  204-414-9104.
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Dr. Leanne Florence ND will be speaking at the Reh-Fit Centre on Monday October 15th, 2018 7pm   What Can The Bugs In Your Gut Do For You?         

Dr. Gordon Sims ND, LAc will present at the Annual Community Therapy Services Education Day on October 4, 2018. Functional Medicine Approach to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain.

(not open to the general public)

Dr. Gordon Sims, ND LAc and Dr. Dean Schrader, ND are attending an Advanced Prolozone course in Reno, NV October 2018

Dr. Sara Korsunsky, ND is attending Ozone Therapy training in Reno, NV October 2018

Dr. Leanne Florence ND and Dr. Amy Kroeker ND will be speaking at Manitoba Hydro Safety Week on September 5, 2018. Presentation will cover nutrition and pain management.

Dr. Dean Schrader ND is attending The Lyme Solution Conference this July 28+29, 2018 in Irvine, California   

Dr. Suzanne Danner ND and Dr. Gordon Sims ND attended The Institute for Functional Medicine 2018 Annual International Conference May 2018 https://www.ifm.org/learning-center/aic-2018/

Manitoba Lyme January Meeting with
Dr. Dean Schrader, ND
Thursday, January 25, 2018 from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

At the January meeting, Dr. Dean Schrader, ND from Centre for Natural Medicine will talk on the changing paradigm in Lyme Disease Treatment. He will focus on various contemporary and time tested therapies to facilitate the patient's own healing. Medical Ozone Therapy, Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI) and addressing the importance of biofilm will be discussed in detail.



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