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Nutrition and the therapeutic use of foods is a cornerstone of naturopathic medicine. Food intolerances, deficiencies, dietary imbalances or nutritional excesses have been associated with many medical conditions. A naturopathic doctor is trained to understand the impact that your diet is having on your health. Health concerns can be treated  with appropriate dietary modifications and nutritional supplements.  The doctors at the Centre for Natural Medicine are trained to evaluate nutritional status by using a variety blood tests and diet-diary analysis.  Likewise, the doctors may also recommend food allergy testing to fully address nutritional concerns. Intramuscular injections and intravenous nutrition may be suggested for certain patients.

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Medically supervised by the doctors at the Centre for Natural Medicine, First Line Therapy (FLT)  is a therapeutic lifestyle program that focuses on healthy weight management.  It consists of ongoing body composition testing to monitor your health and weight loss progress, simplified nutritionally-based menu planning, exercise guidance and stress management.

Through weekly or bi-weekly counseling sessions with your ND, you will learn the principles and practice of a therapeutic lifestyle, which means living your life in a way that promotes optimal health and longevity.

FirstLine Therapy equips you with the science-based knowledge and skills to make healthy choices daily.  A therapeutic lifestyle is possibly the most important therapy you can use to treat chronic health problems, achieve and maintain a healthy weight and enhance the quality of your life.   For more information click here.    

FirstLine Therapy is one program that may be suitable for a patient, there are other supporitve programs available.

First Line Therapy
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