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Imagine that your lifelong health is like a river. The River of Health begins flowing clean, clear and powerfully down from the peak of a mountain.  Its current changes and it picks up harmful materials (toxins) as it moves across the continent, just as there are fluctuations inyour body’s health and flow. The River of Health can end up very polluted downstream if it’s vitality is not maintained.

Where are you in “River of Health”?

The peak of the mountain is an analogy of optimal health- physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

The base of the mountain signifies great physical health but with underlying energetic imbalances. To climb to the peak requires dedication in maintaining physical health and working towards a balance of inner peace. This can be attained through spiritual connections, honoring inner values and balancing energy through different avenues such as yoga, journaling, acupuncture or homeopathy. 

Traveling down the river, mid-stream reflects where many people reside- doing OK, but with specific concerns about their well-being, whether those are poor stress management, fatigue, depression/anxiety, or overall not feeling quite right.

Downstream, the body has become toxic like a polluted river, unable to support its natural homeostasis.  This stage reflects many diseases such as high blood pressure or cholesterol, autoimmune conditions, ulcerative colitis, IBS, and fibroids. If you are experiencing symptoms daily, you are in the Downstream portion of the river.

How quickly do you want to see changes in your health?

Using our River of Health Analogy, do you plan to swim, tread water, or ride in a boat?  Either way you will see results in your health and vitality, but the pace is up to you!

Swimmers are ready to make healthy lifestyle changes that will strengthen their bodies and enable them to hike up to the top of the mountain. These individuals are ready to make changes head on, and understand that health improvements, just like swimming upstream, takes constant effort.  True healing and resolution occurs when individuals are ready to take responsibility for their health and “swim” up the River.

Those who tread water may not be ready to make changes as quickly or aggressively as swimmers do, and will see their results at a slower pace.

Those who decide to ride a boat may have the best intentions to swim but lack the time, strength or motivation to make changes aggressively.  This is very common! They may be more dependant on supplements until they are able to make lifestyle changes, but will still see progress in their health. However, once these individuals reach the base of the mountain they will not reach its peak until they are ready to strengthen their bodies for the hike.

Most people benefit from a combination of treatments, including small and manageable lifestyle changes and a few key supplements to optimize health. The goal of a successful treatment plan is to make it sustainable for each person, no matter where they are at, and to improve their health and educate them on how to prevent disease and live well.  At the Centre for Natural Medicine, we can offer guidance through many natural supportive therapies to help facilitate a healthy and balanced journey back to your peak of the mountain!

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