Training and Licensing of Naturopathic Doctors

To be licensed as a naturopathic doctor by the province of Manitoba one must obtain the following requirements.

  • Completion of a minimum of three years university including the medical sciences.
  • Successfull completion of a 4-year-full time program in an accredited school of Naturopathic Medicine. There are currently six accredited Naturopathic Colleges/Universities in North America.
  • Successful completion of the North American and provincial licensing board exams.
  • To meet the Continuing Medical Education (CME) requirements.
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Areas of Training

Naturopathic Doctors undergo training similar to medical doctors as well as training in the naturopathic disciplines. The areas of training in the four year, full-time Naturopathic Medicine curriculum are:

  • Basic Sciences - This area of study includes anatomy, physiology, histology, microbiology, biochemistry, immunology, pharmacology and pathology.
  • Clinical Disciplines - Diagnostic medicine areas of study are physical and clinical diagnosis, differential and laboratory diagnosis, radiology, naturopathic assessment and orthopaedics.
  • Naturopathic Disciplines - There are six major disciplines that define the areas of naturopathic practice. Each discipline is a distinct area of practice and includes diagnostic principles and practices as well as therapeutic skills and techniques. They include: clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, homeopathic medicine, hydrotherapy, naturopathic manipulation and lifestyle counselling.
  • Clinical Experience - All students must complete 1,500 hours of clinical requirements and demonstrate proficiency in all aspects of Naturopathic Medicine prior to graduation.
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